One step closer to requesting a whitelisting on WAX with the next piece in our collection.

It is a much smaller series than ‘To The Moon,” the first piece in our collection with only 10 copies of the “Mandalarian” that have been minted.

We’ve done it! Our first listing on the WAX network’s Atomic Hub.

The first piece up for grabs in our collection is the blockchain and cryptocurrency inspired “To The Moon” that was created by one of our in founders, who also does our in house graphic and web design.

We have minted the first of our promotional NFTs that we are giving to artists who would like an example of how they could secure their intellectual property and extra earning potential with blockchain technology and smart contracts.
All arts, all media.

Welcome to our space on Medium.

Inspired by our work in rural areas of Mozambique with MESHOA and BitsNSense, building communities and raising awareness to alternative economical avenues through skills training, we are creating a collection of work by those who already have work-ably creative skills to market and no…

Afreekana Arts

Bringing Art from Africa to the online market by merging it with technology. Helping artists control and sell their IP and media through blockchain technology.

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