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Afreekana Arts
3 min readOct 8, 2021

Welcome to our space on Medium.

Inspired by our work in rural areas of Mozambique with MESHOA and BitsNSense, building communities and raising awareness to alternative economical avenues through skills training, we are creating a collection of work by those who already have work-ably creative skills to market and no idea of where to begin.

While helping remote rural communities attain independence, MESHOA works to attain independence in providing funding for projects that have been requested by the communities that they work with across Mozambique and Southern Africa. We believe that Afreekana Arts is one step that many can take advantage of before the skills training facility is even built.

The pandemic halted all plans of starting with construction and there is a lot of lost time to catch up on, but preparation for a running start has not stopped for a moment.

Until now, all our work has been self funded by a few of the founders through freelancing. They also provide practical training in the African bush whenever finances and time allow it.

As a full time nerd and part time artist, the Director of Meshoa, has taken upon himself to help struggling artists through blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Non Fungible Tokens that are commonly referred to as NFT.

NFT technology opens up a whole new world for artists of all types who can create a token representation of a physical piece of work by binding it to a cryptocurrency smart contract to certify authenticity and ownership of the physical item by the buyer/holder of the NFT. Changing things with regards to Intellectual property ownership and royalties to creators.

Afreekana Arts and partners intend on providing a cheap, easy and safe place where creators of all kinds can get their content onto blockchain platforms as we create an online community of like-minded artists and enthusiasts who also want to a part of the coming wave of change that cryptocurrency is bringing.

A limited edition of completely unique NFTs will mark the launch of a club for all our supporters. Half of the collection will be reserved as gifts for 1st time buyers and vendors upon completion of a sale from our collection. Each NFT will confirm membership of the club and transferring it to another wallet transfers ownership of the NFT and membership to the new holder. The remainder of the collection will be minted in small batches and listed for sale as part of our collection in order to raise funds to grow our club and support other projects based on proposals/votes by our members.

To start with, holders/members will be entitled to discounts on purchases through Afreekana Arts. Other benefits could reveal themselves as the club grows, community develops and members have something that they would like to make part of the club in support of each other. The possibilities are endless.

Getting into a NFT club often leads to membership in a variety of clubs and communities. Many even open doors to financial opportunities that you never expected.

We’re in the process of registering a domain, with a website to follow soon afterwards. A 3D gallery and virtual gathering spot is definitely something we want to offer our members as a portal to all other blockchain and crypto related ventures that we are involved with. Our graphic and visual artists could wear their art on their avatars in our virtual gathering spots to flex their wares. Musicians could play their music in the background and sell their media too.

Join us in the adventure and experience what African talent has to offer.



Afreekana Arts

Bringing Art from Africa to the online market by merging it with technology. Helping artists control and sell their IP and media through blockchain technology.