Our First NFT Mint?

Afreekana Arts
3 min readOct 25, 2021

We have minted the first of our promotional NFTs that we are giving to artists who would like an example of how they could secure their intellectual property and extra earning potential with blockchain technology and smart contracts.
All arts, all media.

2nd Image of the NFT in support of community governed initiatives and MESHOA’s skills transfer goals.

The NFT display of the WAX cloud wallet (WAX io) unfortunately does not display all the images of our NFT, but they are viewable on Atomic Hub (pink.gg), under your inventory. You can log in with your WAX cloud wallet.

Thanks to the NFT gifting facility provided within the WAX cloud wallet, members who are new to cryptocurrency are able to sign up a Wax cloud wallet of their own.

3rd image of our NFT, highlihgting some possibilities offered by NFTs.

One step closer to making the global online community part of every day life across Africa as the functional means to survival in struggling economies.

Collaborating with creators and enthusiasts of all forms of art to bring the world within reach of our hidden gems and talent.

As an official supporter of MESHOA, we also look forward to helping make blockchain and cryptocurrency technology accessible to all of their students through their eventual computer centres. We look forward to featuring hidden talent from the rural communities that MESHOA works in as an added benefit to the skills training that they will provide for the communities.

First time vendors and buyers on Afreekana Arts are automatically eligible for a NFT from the limited edition collection that we are working on for a NFT club. We’re laying the foundation for the final design that we still have to decide upon, so member participation is more than welcome in the spirit of community based governance for the benefit of the community we build together and those we support.

From our side, members of the club will be entitled to discounts from Afreekana Arts and businesses linked to us through our founders. They will also have a vote in causes and projects that we support MESHOA in. More benefits could reveal themselves as our club and community grows with each new member adding their unique touch to a work in progress.

3D art galleries in various virtual environments will not only provide more exposure for our artists, but their art could also be sold on virtual clothes that people wear on their avatars across various platforms. Our members could have a hand in creating a virtual gathering spot for us all to meet in and it could also lead to our game developer and enthusiast members collaborating on creating NFT games on blockchain together. This could also provide practical experience for future developers from MESHOA skills training centres under the guidance of our members.

We have registered afreekanaarts.com and we’re in the process of resolving hosting issues so that we can create a website with the help of one of the founders of MESHOA.



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